Pieces of a Whole

Short Films Presented by Kairos

Pieces of a Whole is a series of seven short films that represent intersectional cultures in Finland without defining them. Each film is a story, a philosophy, and a dream.  The screening is part of the URB22 festival program.

  • 12.6.2022 at 14–15.30
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: free admission


After the screening, there will be a Q&A session with the filmmakers.


Mirage (2022)

Duration: 7:57 min
Direction: Iida Valme

Mirage is a film about how an encounter between two strangers leads Rinah, our protagonist, to examine their inner world. The beauty that they see in this stranger moves her, it is something she admires and yearns for. It is through her own internal journey that she discovers that the beauty she sees in this stranger is a reflection of the beauty within herself.

Fardosa (2019)

Duration: 11:01 min
Direction: Rukia Mahamed, Iqlaas Osman, Anton Tammi

Fardosa is an intimate short film about a young woman growing up in the big-sky suburbs of Helsinki. The film touches upon the importance of friendship, identity, and the generational differences between those born into different cultural contexts from their parents. This mercurial coming-of-age film includes the elements that most enjoy from the genre—the freewheeling spirit of youth and rebellion—but is interrupted by phantasmagorical reveries from the lead actor’s complex interior world.

The Artistry of Circus (2021)

Duration 2:24 min
Direction: Spark Wilkie

The artistry of circus, an intense documentary / art film about the diversity of circus featuring Hannu Pham, Sini Saara, Ghia Lumia, Ira Oinonen and Jere Virta.

Glitch Recon(naissance) (2022)

Duration: 7:42 min
Direction: Vishnu Rajan

A Cyberpunk Cyborg superhero descends to teach glitch to a commoner in Oceania, a city built-in 1984. Glitch is a technology that erases the ever-encroaching pervasive surveillance apparatus. Can the commoner find stealth, eros and liberation using Glitch in time, changing the very nature of deep surveillance?

Alonely (2020)

Duration: 8:41min
Direction: Fiona Musanga

A movie of a father who have lost his child.

Maailman Onnellisin Maa (2018)

Duration: 22 min
Direction: Carmen Baltzar

The most acute effects of climate change do not yet extend to Finland. Climate anxiety, on the other hand, is. The happiest country in the world is a film in which three Millennials sit on a climate therapist’s couch working on climate anxiety-related feelings and thoughts. How should we live when life is still ahead more than behind us, but the future is uncertain?

Water (2018)

Duration: 4:42min
Direction: Ziggy Allen

‘What if sea is the place’ is a reference to afro futurist Sun Ra’s film ‘Space is the place’ where he wants to teleport African Americans to another planet through music. Water is about transcending one’s wounds into unconditional love through ancestral healing. This poetic dance piece asks us to connect with water itself as an ancestor that we carry in our bodies, and can access to heal and change the course of our directions. 

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