Ilppo Pohjola: Daddy and the Muscle Academy

This documentary film from 1991 is a personal portrait of the life and career of the artist Tom of Finland. The screening is part of the Tom of Finland – Bold Journey exhibition programme. Age limit: 16+

  • 1.9.2023 at 18–18.55
in English, in Finnish
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: with a museum ticket
29.4. with a museum ticket, 2.6. & admission


Tom of Finland is a true icon of the gay world. His drawings have had an enormous influence on gay identity. Through these epochal images, Tom of Finland changed how gay men were perceived by society and, perhaps more importantly, how gay men perceived themselves.

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is the only film ever made with Tom of Finland. It uses a variety of visual elements and shows how his work passed from being the private fantasies of a man in Europe to underground images that shaped generations’ idea of how a queer man could look and act. Tom of Finland’s ultimate leathermen are known and seen all over the world. They are key symbols in Western visual culture. His subcultural archetypes deconstruct mainstream perceptions of male homosexuality and inspire queers to make their own identities visible.

Note! Age limit: 16+


Written and directed by: Ilppo Pohjola
Cinematography: Kjell Lagerroos
Rostrum photography: Seppo Rintasalo
Film editor: Jorma Höri
Sound and mixing: Kikeono
Original music: Elliot Sharp
Producers: Kari Paljakka and Alvaro Pardo
Financial support: Avek, Finnish Film Foundation
In co-operation with: Yle/TV2 and Tom of Finland Foundation