50 Hz movies II

Films by Saara Ekström and Henrik Håkansson with Mika Vainio’s music.

  • 22.8.2020

A screening related to Mika Vainio

Sat 22 August at 16:00
Kiasma Theatre
Tickets 8e screening only, 16/14e screening + museum ticket

Duration approx. 90 min.
In order to keep safety distances, only half of Kiasma Theatre’s seating capacity is in use. Please wear a mask during the event. Read more about Kiasma’s safety instructions from here.

The films of the screening

Saara Ekström: Phantasma (2016), 9:49min.
The camera transports the viewer through the dreamlike, delirious and dilapidated rooms of an aquarium that opened in Copenhagen in 1939. The organic merges with the mechanical as time drives these opposite elements towards a joint destruction. Sound design by Mika Vainio.

Henrik Håkansson: The Beetle (2018), 80 min.
Henrik Håkansson’s film explores the state of the globe from an insect perspective. The main protagonist is the endangered Hylochares cruentatus (in Finnish ’halavasepikkä’), with the only known occurrences at Mätäoja in Vantaa, Finland. Music composed by Mika Vainio. The film was the main production of the 2018 IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki.