URB 09

URB festival 10-years! Addicted to bad ideas, Extended teenage era, Oh no! –and a lot more!

  • 30.7.–9.8.2009
Tickets: paid
URB09 festival logo.

Honour of 10th anniversary URB festival brings to Helsinki urban art from abroad and Finland. Coming up in August: performances, visual art, films, music and speech. On the anniversary year URB concentrates and focus on domestic urban dance and show how it has been developing during years. URB will provide several premieres including URB’s first own production .

Foreign guests will arrive from all over the world. Brooklyn punk legend World/Inferno Friendship Society band join forces with visionary director Jay Scheib, one of contemporary theatre’s brightest young visionaries, to create a punk-rock operetta for the times: Addicted to Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre’s Twentieth Century. A hybrid punk rock multi-media theatre event will be performed in Savoy theatre.

Bboys Darko Bursać and Luka Lukić cooperation with choreographer Dalija Aćin will amazed by their act Oh no! in Kiasma Theatre. The usage of the slow break dance movements makes the eyes of the audience overwhelmed by the information of intelligent bodies’ movement.

Extended Teenage Era, by choreographer-director Samir Akika, is a production that skilfully weaves together angst and triumph, hip hop and breakdance, graffiti and pop art, Franz Schubert and Justin Timberlake. The show is an expression of youth from Germany.

The history of hip hop will be presented by a lecture by Janne Immonen and by the film ”Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome”. Other movies show the lives of DIY artists, “Beautiful Losers”; street philosophy in “Examined Life” and “Slingshot Hip Hop” expresses the lives of Palestinian hip hop artists.

In addition URB 09 provide more domestic hip hop by Anniina Jääskeläinen and Sonya Lindfors and Dance.fi collection and music by Laineen Kasperi in Kiasma Theatre.

More programs will be in Alkovi gallery and all over Kallio. Artist Markus Renvall and dancer Elina Lauttamäki lead a community dance project. Fanny and mbar are locations for clubs.

After 10 days celebration URB 09 culminates to free URB event on Sunday.