Mad Love

Seppo Fränti Collection

02.06.2020 - 10.01.2021

Open yet intimate Seppo Fränti Collection explores the human condition through visual art. 

“Come with an open mind. And crying is allowed!” This is how art collector Seppo Fränti welcomes visitors to see the collection he has been assembling for forty years. In 2017 the Helsinki-based collector donated his extensive collection to Kiasma. Mad Love takes a deep dive into Fränti’s collection and the passion that brought it into being.

The Seppo Fränti Collection consists mostly of contemporary Finnish art, with a focus on painting. Fränti has remained true to his vision and trusted his intuition: for him, art is not an investment but a passion. His collection spans a wide spectrum of styles from powerful expressionism to subtle minimalism.

For Fränti, collecting art is also about people. He personally knows nearly all the artists in his collection, and many have become his close friends. The collection features works by many young artists and fresh graduates whom Fränti has helped to get started in their careers.

The show Mad Love features over 200 artworks.


Fri 28.8. Exhibition Tour with Kiasma’s guide and artist Alexei Gordin

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The exhibition book highlights the exceptional composition of the Seppo Fränti Collection in which abstract minimalism meets intensely expressive art.

Available at Kiasma’s museum shop and online.

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