Nina Beier

Nina Beier’s sculptures often take ready-made objects as their starting point: pastel-coloured sinks, remote-controlled toy cars, and porcelain vases chart routes from original to copy, traveling through time and space from one culture or historical era to another.

  • 22.3.–8.9.2024
5. floor
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Nina Beier, Automobile, 2017.
Courtesy the artist, Croy Nielsen, Vienna and Standard (Oslo), Oslo. Photo: Martin Polak.


The meanings of the objects used by Nina Beier (b. 1975, Denmark) change in new contexts. Sometimes sculptures are left in limbo, flickering between their own material presence and the image they project. The seriality of the objects, posed in constellation with each other, yield their complete meaning through their multiple iterations.

Featuring an element of performance, this retrospective exhibition is the most comprehensive overview of Beier’s work to date.



The exhibition is curated by Piia Oksanen, curator of temporary exhibitions at Kiasma.