Liisa Lounila

Shadow Zone

In her work, Liisa Lounila examines contemporary life through the experience and recording of time.

  • 28.2.2020–10.1.2021
2nd floor

Liisa Lounila, 7BPM, 2013. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen.

About the exhibition

A garden allotment growing wild without a gardener, clocks that tick at their own erratic pace, and psychics that deliver life makeover instructions.

Liisa Lounila’s works make subtle observations noting things that are easily overlooked. The artist never plans her work in advance but randomly documents “strange occurrences” on media such as video or audio. There is something mystical about everyday objects and situations that Lounila strives to capture in her works.

“What all the works in this exhibition have in common is that they expose something in the shadows, something skewed or unexpected”, says Lounila.

This exhibition presents Lounila’s media art and objects from 2008 to 2020. Sound is the connecting thread between the works and spaces. The mechanical ticking of clocks and varying nature sounds transport the visitor from one room to the next, reminding us of time’s inexorable passage.


Liisa Lounila (s. 1976) lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated with an MFA degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001.