Ismo Kajander Anartist

17.04.2015 - 09.08.2015

Ismo Kajander (b. 1939) is an artist, photographer, writer and lecturer whose career spans seven decades. The main focus in this retrospective is on assemblages Kajander makes using everyday ready-made objects. Kajander’s inspiration for the works derives from literature, science and art history.

Years in Paris and a spiritual kinship with Dadaists active in the city in earlier decades are apparent in Kajander’s art. His politically oriented intellectual playfulness and rejection of prevalent norms in art both derive from Dadaism.

The title of the exhibition, Anartist, is a reference to Kajander’s anarchic position outside the mainstream of art.

Finnish Museum of Photography has a concurrent exhibition of Ismo Kajander’s photography 17 Apr – 2nd Aug 2015