On Thinking

With your art, you want to create time for thinking – is it so?

“Thinking – that’s a good point. In reality I want to create places for people to stop thinking. We think too much. So many thoughts are crossing our brain all the time that we have become a kind of a prison, living in this society so busy and full of information. I believe we need time to breathe to empty ourselves.

Thinking takes us far away and sometimes we don’t see what is close to us: our family, our feelings. Thinking takes us far from our spirit, rationalizing our soul too much.

I believe I am working more in a Zen level of no mind. In a way you will find the same attitude with the Huni Kuin. For western people there is a disconnection between the one who is thinking and the object. From the indigenous perspective this is not possible: there is no separation between us and the nature, the subject and the object.

This is what I’ve been trying to say since the beginning of my artistic practice 30 years ago. That’s one reason why I’ve been using the gravity and natural tensions of structures: everything is connected.”

Ernesto Neto