Human, Animal and Nature in Kiasma’s Collections

26.04.2019 - 01.03.2020

How is nature presented in contemporary art? And how are humans interpreted as relating to other species?

The Coexistence exhibition looks at the relationship between humans and nature. Environmental issues, nature, and human coexistence with other organisms are topics of long-standing interest in art, but they have recently come into sharper focus amid the eco-crisis of the 2000s.

The exhibition is part of Kiasma’s theme year centering on ideas about good life. The exhibition on the 3rd floor invites us to consider exactly whose ‘good life’ we mean and calls into question the place habitually awarded to the human as above nature and other animals and as their sovereign

The works on the 2nd floor pursue a deeper relationship with nature, a world of rites and alternate knowing. While contemplating the theme of neo-spirituality, the exhibits also pose questions about the limits of human knowledge and imagination.

Featured artists

Lauri Ainala & Kalle Hamm & Dzamil Kamanger, Lauri Anttila, Felipe de Ávila Franco, Torben Ebbesen, Andris Eglītis, Olga Florenskaja & Aleksander FlorenskiSimryn Gill, Terike Haapoja, Paavo Halonen, Alma Heikkilä, Jussi HeikkiläHannaleena HeiskaOuti Heiskanen, Marja Helander, Emma Helle, Nancy Holt, Felicia Fasanino Jansson, Muriel Kuoppala, Richard Long, Pia MännikköFanni Niemi-JunkolaOtobong Nkanga, Johan Oja, Sari Palosaari, Roland Persson, Outi Pieski, Kati Roover, Charles Sandison, Alan Sonfist, Jenna Sutela, Maija Tammi, Niina Tervo, Ingrid Torvund, Elina Vainio, Timo Vaittinen, Sergio Vega, Stuart Wrede and Charlotta Östlund.

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The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue Yhteiseloa | Coexistence, A Museum of Contemporary Art Publication 166 / 2019. Available at Kiasma shop and

2nd and 3rd floor