ARS22 will bring the freshest and most compelling works and cutting edge artists to Kiasma, creating a space dedicated to shared experiences and community. The major exhibition is the first to be shown at the newly renovated Kiasma in spring 2022.

  • 8.4.–16.10.2022
All floors
Tickets: with a museum ticket

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen.

ARS22 uses art to create a shared world

Social polarisation is threatening the wellbeing of our entire planet. Deep rifts in public speech, attitudes, and politics erect boundaries between people. ARS22 will create a space of encounters, empathy, shared experiences and community.

The works tell of the everyday life and dreams of individuals and communities while raising questions about the environment, economy and technology. Art has the power to investigate society and present alternative interpretations of our shared world.

“Art has the power to investigate society and present alternative interpretations of our shared world.”

ARS22 offers spaces for togetherness and the sharing of experiences. It also reminds us that individuality is ultimately always founded on the common conditions of life.

The stories told by the artworks are entertaining while creating different realities. They offer a chance to think and see differently, and they point a way forwards. ARS22 offers hope for tomorrow.

The very latest in contemporary art alongside historical works

ARS22 will feature some of the most compelling artists and art. The selection will focus on immersive experiences, participation and eventfulness. ARS22 will also cover a wide range of key mediums of contemporary art.

For the first time, the show will also include key works from the past decades (starting with the 1960s) that will provide historical background to topical themes and provide a view of the history of the ARS exhibitions. Some of the featured classics will come from Kiasma’s own collections; others will be on loan from Finnish and international collections.

ARS22 is the tenth exhibition in the series, which was launched in 1961. Over the decades, the ARS exhibitions have presented the public with the latest trends in contemporary art.

Featured artists

Not all artists in the ARS22 exhibition have been announced. We will update the list throughout 2021.

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Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė and Lina Lapelytė
Sol Calero
Jimmie Durham
Anna Estarriola
Arthur Jafa
Joar Nango
Alexandra Pirici
Laure Prouvost
Joel Slotte
David Wojnarowicz

ARS22 exhibition architecture creates spaces for encounters

The architecture of the ARS22 exhibition approaches the overarching concept of encounters through elements borrowed from the urban space. The design will also focus on the recyclability of materials and reusability of elements.

“These elements are familiar to us all. People are used to meeting others in settings that include such features, which therefore reinforce the sense of community. The exhibition installation will introduce the recognisable features of stairs, columns and public squares into the galleries, where they are integrated into exhibition functions.”

Lauri Johansson / Korpijärvi Johansson design studio

The architecture of the ARS22 exhibition is designed by Helsinki-based design studio Korpijärvi Johansson. The studio focuses on a holistic design process and ecological solutions.

Sun and Sea (Marina)


Artists: Rugile Barzdziukaite, Vaiva Grainyte, Lina Lapelyte

Venue: Merikaapelihalli, late summer 2022.

Organised jointly by Kiasma, Helsinki Festival and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

Songs of the climate crisis

One of the performative works at ARS22 will be Sun and Sea (Marina) by a group of Lithuanian artists. Commenting on the current climate crisis, the immersive operatic work won the Golden Lion for the best pavilion at the Venice Biennale in summer 2019.

The opera takes place on an artificial beach where sunbathers share stories and thoughts by singing. The main theme of the opera is a concern for climate change. The performance can be viewed from balconies above the stage. The venue is Merikaapelihalli at the Cable Factory.