Top names of Finnish contemporary art, design and fashion meet in the Together exhibition.

  • 16.5.–7.9.2014

Top names of Finnish contemporary art, design and fashion meet in the Together exhibition. Produced jointly by Marimekko and Kiasma, the boundary-breaking exhibition opens new views into the world of art and design.

In many of its exhibitions over the years, Kiasma has explored the interface between contemporary art and other creative disciplines, such as music, design and comics. Marimekko too has boldly combined its design with modern dance, ballet and contemporary art. In this exhibition, Marimekko and Kiasma have opened a platform for collaboration between designers and contemporary artists. By building a bridge to connect contemporary art and the designers, products and materials of Marimekko, and giving a free hand to the participants, the exhibition project sought to create something innovative and interesting.

The invited 16 artists and designers have all a long-standing relationship with either Kiasma or Marimekko. They were given a carte blanche to produce any kind of work for the exhibition, working either alone or together as they chose. Some artists used the materials and production processes of Marimekko in new ways, others explored the common sources of inspiration shared by product designers and artists. They all created new works for the exhibition, made specifically with the spaces of Kiasma in mind.

The featured artists are Jenni Hiltunen, Erja Hirvi, Maija Louekari, Aino-Maija Metsola, Tiina Mielonen, Teresa Moorhouse, Tommi Musturi, Noora Niinikoski, Tuula Pöyhönen, Sami Ruotsalainen, Aamu Song & Johan Olin, Anu Tuominen, Jenni Tuominen, Timo Vaittinen and Hanna Vihriälä. Many of them have combined aspects of design and art in their training, work experience or production. The exhibition includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and ceramics.