Post Breaker’s Revenge

A series of video conversations about aging and breakdancing.

  • 9.6.–17.6.2023
online events
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Photo: Victor Sono


Post Breaker’s Revenge explores the possibilities of breakdance movements in relation to aging. The working group formed by Antti Uimonen, Dennis ”Ätä” Nylund and Annina ”B-girl AT” Tikka has been working on the topic in residencies at Tero Saarinen Company and Taiteen vuoksi ry in 2023. During the residency at the URB 23 festival, they will record video conversations with three different guests: Tero Saarinen, Ramona Panula and Tuomas Määttä. The discussions are preceded by physical excercises that the dancers do together with their guests.

The videos will be published on Kiasma Theatre’s Vimeo account during URB23 festival and on this page.

Antti Uimonen

Antti Uimonen combines dancing (breakdance), movement improvisation and the methods of future research in his work. Antti has graduated as MA of Performance Arts from the University of ArtEZ and MA of Future Research from the University of Turku. Antti is working actively in the field of the arts and as an expert in organization development. Antti has performed at the URB festival in 2013 with Vapaa Aika –collective and in 2019 with Tero Hytönen.

Dennis “Ätä” Nylund

Dennis ”Ätä” Nylund is an actor an dancer (breakdance). His dancing career started with a stunning success in the international competitions and continued as an invited judge, performer and workshop teacher around the world. In 2013, Dennis was one of the judges in a TV programme Pakko tanssia. Dennis has graduated as an actor in 2016 from Uniarts Helsinki, and ever since he has been working in Svenska Teatern in Helsinki. Dennis has performed four times at the URB festival during passed years, e.g. with Flow Mo crew and Off course group.

Annina “B-girl AT” Sono Tikka

Anniina ”B-girl AT” Sono Tikka is one of the most respected b-girls in the world, and her style has influenced many dancers around the world. She has been working to make the male-dominated dance field equal. She performs, teaches and competes actively around the work and is one of the few women to judge the biggest competitions, thanks to her deep knowledge of the field. After becoming a mother in 2019, Anniina has started to renew her dance with her changing identity, thinking a lot about the meaning of freedom in her work. Previously Anniina has performed at the URB festival with Flow Mo crew.

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