Love Foundation: Performing Love

Performing Love is a a two-day event that spreads love and connects people.

  • 11.4.–12.4.2019

How can art create a culture of love? How to understand and celebrate love as a communal force? 

Love is more than just sex and romance; it is a powerful common resource, the potential of which we as human society have not yet properly realized. Together with Kiasma, Love Foundation Helsinki organises a two-day charity art festival Performing Love. Through the mediums of contemporary art, discussions, workshops, performance, and music, our aim is to facilitate positive human interaction and to build a more beautiful urban culture. Performing Love consists of diverse art-related encounters, which let the audience delve both rationally and emotionally into the themes of love and caring for others. Performing Love is part of Kiasma’s next year theme: Here You Are.


  • Free admission to the programme happening at Kiasma Theatre and Kiasma’s 1. floor
  • Events happening in the exhibitions require a museum ticket 15/13e.
  • On Friday 12th the museum entrance is free for student card holders.
  • Love Yoga participation fee 5e


Thursday 11 April

Programme during 17.00-20.00, free admission

17.00-20.00 Apifilia -embroidery performance by Kaisa Illukka
Kiasma Theatre’s foyer, 1st floor

17.30 Doors open
Kiasma Theatre, 1st floor

17.45 Child Service -performance by Nora Rinne
Kiasma Theatre, 1st floor

18.00-19.45 Panel discussion: Mitä rakkaus on? Voiko rakkaus muuttaa maailmaa?
Kiasma Theatre, 1st floor

Moderated by a philosopher and writer Pärttyli Rinne

Risto Saarinen, Professor of teology
Tuija Pulkkinen, Professor of Gender Studies
Elina Hirvonen, writer, documentarist
Elisa Aaltola, philosopher

Language: Finnish

19.45 Infinite Ways of Falling Into You -performance by Laura Cemin and Lena Schwingshandl
Kiasma’s front foyer, 1st floor

Duration: approx. 15min. Curated in collaboration with Globe Art Point

Friday 12 April

Programme during 10.00-22.00
Student day: free admission with a student card. Entry to the 2.-5. floor with a museum ticket 15/13e.

10-12 & 17-19 Poetry phone
1st floor, Kiasma Theatre’s Foyer

Hotline for love poetry performed in Finnish. Call for a poet about ancient love 040 366 8667 or modern love 040 366 8668.

10-14.30 Circle of Love -workshop by Elise Liikala
5th floor

In Finnish and English

11-12 Love Yoga by Mesimarja Paatero
Kiasma Theatre, 1st floor

Warmly welcome on Art of Freedom – Flow Yoga based journey. This class is suitable for everyone as long as you are willing to explore movement and meditation.

Language: English
Participation fee 5e, please reserve your place

12-18 Love-silk press workshop
Kiasma’s workshop space, 5th floor

In this workshop you can press t-shirts for adults and kids, baby bodies and postcards. The printable objects shall be bought from the spot: adult t-shirt 15e, kids 10e, baby body 7e, postcards 2-4.5e. The workshop is arranged by Painovoima ry.

13-19 Animating Love -performative encounter by Harold Hejazi
Around Kiasma, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

Audience members are invited to discuss and embody the 5 pillars through brief performative encounters. Learn more about the Performing Love event and its charity intentions. Find Harold dressed in all white, in Kiasma’s lobby.

Language: English

13.30-16 Private Sound Healing Experience by Mesimarja Paatero
Kiasma Theatre’s backstage, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

Please arrive 15 minutes before your session at the stand in Kiasma’s lobby to verify your booking. There’s a queueing for no-shows. 10 minutes before each appointment we will hand out the appointment to the person in line in case of a no-show. Duration of the treatment is approx. 10min.

Book your appointment

14-14:30 Let’s be here for a moment -meditation & photo workshop by Arez Metta
5th floor, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

How often do you pause for a moment just to breathe? What about pausing to see another human by looking into their eyes?

Come and take a pause with me for 30 minutes. Even bring a friend with you. At the end we will be doing a small exercise in pairs with our smartphones.

Language: English,

14-18 Acts of Love -art workshop by Annika Lintervo & Inka Yli-Tepsa
2nd floor, Iiu Susiraja’s exhibition

This workshop creates happy interventions to the museum visitor. Attend as long as you like!

Language: Finnish & English

14-18 Holding Hand Service by Elina Latva
Around Kiasma, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

Live artist Elina Latva will hold the hand of one participant for 10 minutes. The participant can continue hanging around as she/he desires, Elina will follow. Holding Hand Service does not invite its participants to physical joyride, flirt or contact improvisation. The policy is simple: The service provides sojourn hand in hand on a public place.
Book your appointment on the spot. The performence requires all together about 20 min.

14.30-16 Ajatusrinki by Elise Liikala
5th floor, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

A discussion in Finnish.

15-15:30 Ollaan hetki tässä -meditation & photo workshop by Arez Metta
5th floor, meeting point in the Lobby, 1st floor

Language: Finnish,

15.00 Nice to Meet You, They Whispered Lovingly -performance by Gilivanka Kedzior and Nicolina Stylianou
2nd floor balcony

15-20 Apifilia -embroidery performance by Kaisa Illukka
Kiasma Theatre’s foyer, 1st floor

16 & 18 Maybe I Lay on Your Belly Forever -performance by Diana Thielen & Kaisa Kukkonen + We Are Sisters Collective
5th floor

Dancers: Natalia Castrillón, Kaisa Kukkonen, Sebastian Lopéz-Lehto, Linda Priha, Iiris Raipala, Nikolai Karentzki, Terhi Rasilo, Iina Taijonlahti

Duration 30min. Curated in collaboration with Globe Art Point

16.30 Infinite Ways of Falling Into You -performance by Laura Cemin ja Lena Schwingshandl
Front foyer, 1st floor

Duration approx. 15min. Curated in collaboration with Globe Art Point

19-20 Short Love Talks –What Does Love Mean To You? Short discussions about love.
Kiasma Theatre,  1st floor

Hosted by Arto Sivonen (Måndag)

On stage:
Stefan Bremer, photographer
Anna Knappe & Amir Jan, artist couple
Ina Mikkola, journalist
Ella Okko, CMI peace ambassador

Language: English
Free admission, limited capacity

20-22 Concert
Seminaari room, 1st floor

20:15 M
21.-21.45 Ona Kamu


What is Love Foundation?

Love Foundation is a global network of artists, activists, philosophers and creatives. The foundation creates cultural events to spread love and connect people.