Kairos X URB festival: to be in perpetual dawn

to be in perpetual dawn is to be in a place of new beginnings. The exhibition is a place where we come together and re-imagine generational and societal narratives. The exhibition is part of the URB22 festival program.

  • 3.6.–12.6.2022
Cultural Centre Caisa, Kaikukatu 4 B.
Tickets: free admission

A place for diverse art

We are the ancestors of the future, and it is important for us to be conscious of the stories that we pass on. How are we letting go of narratives that limit us individually and divide us collectively? 

The exhibition features works by several different artists. Alongside the artworks, there will be a program to create impermanent and communal experiences.

Events at the exhibitions

Sat 4.6. at 2–5 pm, Artistry of Braiding Workshop by BfHair

Mon 6.6. at 5–7 pm, Three performances: Magdalena Sofia, Skábma Idja, Ajak Majok

Tue 7.6. at 5–7.30 pm, Kairos Spoken Word workshop

Wed 8.6. at 5 pm, Penny for a thought – live podcast

Opening hours

The exhibition is open 3.–21.6.2022.

Mon–Fri at 9 am – 7 pm
Sat at 10 am – 7 pm
Sun closed

Cultural Centre Caisa, Kaikukatu 4 B


Kairos is an organization that curates events, such as workshops, poetry sessions, and experimental exhibitions.

The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen. Similarly, Kairos curates initial conditions for creativity and pop-up communities to merge. The curations emphasize the continuance between audience, artist and creativity. At its heart, Kairos is a soft space for different narratives to meet and explore artistic expression.

IG: @kairos.helsinki


Sophia Mitiku & Karoliina Kasurinen
Saban Ramadani
Landys Roimola
Melissa Linsa
Haliz Yosef

In collaboration with

The project is part of an EU Project BE PART – Art BEyond PARTicipationin the context of the URB festival. BEPART is a 4-year audience and organizational programme in the field of participatory art practices implemented by 10 EU and non-EU partners, supported by Creative Europe.

URB22 program