Kairos: a quiet storm

Art exhibition and a meeting point for people of different backgrounds and lifetimes.

  • 14.6.2023 at 17–20
  • 15.6.2023 at 13–20
  • 16.6.2023 at 13–20
  • 17.6.2023 at 13–18
in English
1. floor, Seminar
Tickets: free admission



A revolution is the pursuit of freedom from an established order, fueled by both personal and political moments. Private and public; aggressive and passive.

Each moment of change is a disruption – a storm. 

The artworks explore how connecting with Nature informs us about our own movements, structures, identities and relations. This inherently stimulates a deconstruction and re-imagination of the Self and its environment.

a quiet storm is not only an exhibition – it is a meeting point for people of different backgrounds and lifetimes, allowing for different realities to co-exist without competition. 

The art space, curated by Kairos, presents artworks from several artists. It will also host different events during the festival.


Valentina Bravo
Naomi & Wanda Holopainen
Sepideh Khodarahmi
Ziggy Allen
Eugenie Touma van der Meulen
A Pieski

A Pieski’s performance schedule

Thu 15 June at 14:00-14:30
Sat 17 June at 13:30-14:00



Wednesday 14 June at 17.00–20.00

Conversations and Compositions

Thursday 15 June at 17.00–20.30

Shareef Askar, Nemat Battah and Eugenie Touma van der Meulen: conversation about the narrative of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

  • What are some misconceptions that affect general attitude toward the occupation of Palestine? How does language affect this?
  • What kind of topics are oversimplified in order to support peace activism?
  • How does ignorant/naive tourism conceal problematic structures? What are ways to navigate the power of accessibility?

The discussion will be interactive with Q&A from the audience. The evening will be accompanied by musical performances by Nemat Battah and Meera & the Band.

The discussion is in FIN/ENG subtitles will be added for those who require this. Registration needed from this link.

Please be mindful as you enter this space where people of different backgrounds and lifetimes are coming together. You can read the Kiasma principles for safer space here.

Poetry workshop hosted by Kairos

Friday 16 June at 15.00–17.00

No registration, free admission. Please bring notebook and pen with you.

This workshop is hosted in English but Finnish translations are possible. You are welcome to write in any language that feels comfortable to you, and there is no need to perform/write. Unfinished text and thoughts are encouraged.

During this time we will discuss the theme of the exhibition, make mindmaps and write alongside the artworks. If you are new to writing or feel stuck there will be writing prompts and brainstorming peers available. Please be mindful as you enter this space where people of different backgrounds and lifetimes are coming together


Kairos began as an extension of Kihwa-Endale’s artistic practice – a project to redefine the relationship between artist, audience and creativity. However, like all living things, Kairos is evolving with time and currently is expanding into a collective. 

At its heart, Kairos is a gentle space for different narratives to meet and explore artistic expression. The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen. Similarly, this is the meaning of a host (n.). 

Hosting cultural events, such as workshops, poetry sessions, and exhibitions is the main function of Kairos. Although the events are open for all, they are centered in marginalized narratives.

Through these events (and the processes behind them), Kairos practices relational presence, process-based approaches, and unpacks internalized institutions/capitalism/colonialism. With time, Kairos expands by a re-distribution of resources and a re-imagination of art spaces. 

IG: @kairos.helsinki