Bring an object as a part of Pia Camil’s artwork

Bring an object of personal significance for artist Pia Camil’s A Pot for a Latch installation, which is on display at ARS22-exhibition. In exchange, you can choose one of the objects on display.

  • 23.4.2022 at 12–14
  • 14.5.2022 at 12–14
  • 4.6.2022 at 12–14
  • 6.8.2022 at 12–14
Lobby and 2nd floor
Tickets: free admission

Pia Camil, A Pot for a Latch, 2016. Detail. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen.

What is it about?

Artist Pia Camil (Mexico) creates an artwork A Pot for a Latch for ARS22 exhibition. The artwork is based on exchange, in which objects and their stories brought by the audience are the currency.

Bring an object with you to incorporate into Pia Camil’s work! We will organise four exchange events during ARS22. You can exchange your own object for one of the items on display. Your item will not be returned – it will pass on to a new owner.

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Artist Pia Camil talks about her work A Pot for a Latch (2016/2022).

What can I bring?

You can bring one object. Artist hopes to receive powerful, interesting-looking objects for the artwork. The monetary value of the objects does not matter. The value lies in their significance to the contributor and how they gain new meanings in Kiasma and in the lives of the new owners.

Please bring an object that has been meaningful to you and that could bring joy to someone else.

Objects must be portable by hand, at least 10 cm long/wide, and no more than 5 kg in weight, clean and intact.

Objects suitable for the artwork include, for example

  • homemade clothes
  • household textiles, such as curtains and blankets
  • jewellery, trinkets, and accessories
  • books
  • paintings, photographs, and sculptures
  • mirrors and other reflective objects
  • colourful, interestingly-shaped objects
  • everyday objects whose intended use is unclear
  • objects referring to the human body, such as wigs, dressmaker’s dolls, and X-ray images

What kind of objects are not suitable for the artwork?

  • electronics 
  • loose sheets of paper 
  • canvas bags 
  • face masks 
  • very small or very heavy objects (smaller than 10 cm or over 5 kg) 
  • house plants 
  • foodstuffs and other perishables 
  • broken, dirty, contaminated, mouldy, or damp objects 
  • poisonous materials as well as illegal objects 
  • objects that might be considered offensive or inappropriate 


  • Objects cannot be delivered to Kiasma at other times or through the mail.
  • The contributor must be at least 16 years old. Children can bring an object together with an adult.
  • Please make sure that you are the legal owner of the object.
  • Accepted objects will not be returned to the contributor. Artist Pia Camil and Kiasma will decide which objects will be displayed in the artwork.