Fence Around Kiasma – Timo Vaittinen

Artist Timo Vaittinen will create a work of art on construction site hoarding facing the Kansalaistori square next to Kiasma in autumn 2018. Entitled NGTH, it will consist of posters pasted on the hoarding.

The work borrows its form from ordinary event posters. However, Vaittinen’s piece has no text – his language is purely visual. It blends the visual styles of posters for clubs, gigs and urban events with the imagery of popular culture and the tradition of abstract art. Vaittinen has noted how the number of event posters in the public space is diminishing and autonomous use of the urban space is becoming increasingly rare.

The entire length of hoarding will be covered by ten different kinds of posters. The work will evolve over time as the posters weather and are replaced with new ones. The work will evolve over time as the posters weather and are replaced with new ones. The work will be on display from September until summer 2019.

Timo Vaittinen

Timo Vaittinen (b. 1976) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. He uses several mediums in his work, including painting, video and sculpture. His works are typically combinations of different elements, whether of subject matter, technique or colour.

Vaittinen borrows motifs from various imageries, including mysticism and new age. Equally familiar with the tradition of modernism and the visual motifs of fan culture, his works are at home with the imageries of everyday life and fantasy. Often his starting point is some fictive story. Vaittinen graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2007. He has work in several Finnish art collections, and he is one of the founding members of the SIC Gallery in Helsinki.

New Glass Planks Installed

The north end of Kiasma will be closed off with construction hoarding, as condition surveys and expert reports indicate that the glass planks on the façade facing Mannerheimintie must be replaced. The work, to be carried out by Senate Properties, will also include improvement of the drainage system on the plot and the water barrier of the basin in front of the building. The replacement of the planks will not affect the exterior of the museum, nor will the works affect the opening hours or exhibitions at Kiasma in any way.