Equality Plan

In 2017–2018, Kiasma and several other institutions in the cultural sector responded to a challenge posed by artist Terike Haapoja for players in the field of contemporary art in the Helsinki area. Haapoja’s initiative called for the publication by players in the art sector of strategies for the promotion of cultural diversity, freedom of speech, and gender equality. The result was the Kiasma Equality Plan.

Equality Plan for Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma is an art museum for all. It complies with the Finnish National Gallery’s Equality Plan for 2017–2019. The plan underlies Kiasma’s work to develop its
operational practices and structures, the aim of which is to promote the social, cultural, physical, economic and regional equality of our audiences and to take into account their diversity.

Principles of equality in Kiasma and the Finnish National Gallery

  1. We are an art museum for all, with a vigorously growing and increasingly diversified audience base.
  2. Our programming and audience services promote intercultural understanding and interaction.
  3. The museum itself and our online services are accessible socially, physically, culturally and economically.
  4. We are committed to taking the diversification of society into account in our collection operations.
  5. We have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  6. The diverse backgrounds of our staff are a valuable asset.
  7. The staff in all our units are committed to promoting equality in their work.

Kiasma Equality Plan (pdf)