Art Competition – The Results

In November 2014 the Finnish State Art Commission and Kiasma announced an open call to artists for a work of art to be sited near Kiasma. The work was not required to be a permanent monument but rather a piece of art that would challenge conventional ideas and stimulate new ideas and debate, and would perhaps be participatory as well.

A total of 363 submissions to the competition were received, and from among them the following artists and groups were selected to the second phase: Harri Ahonen; Antti Immonen; muesli art collective: Louis Darcel, Maёlle Delaplanche, Hannah De Corte, João Freitas; Anssi Pulkkinen; Nestori Syrjälä; and team Aet Ader, Andra Aaloe and Flo Kasearu.

An exhibition showcasing the entries selected for the second phase opened in Kiasma in January 2016, taking its cue from the equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim in front of the museum.

The winner was selected by the jury from the showcased entries during the exhibition. The shared first prize was awarded to Running Man by Nestori Syrjälä and to Watercolour by Harri Ahonen.

Honourable mention as an interesting concept was awarded to Discomposition (with a grid) by Anssi Pulkkinen.

Ahonen’s Watercolour was also elected as the favourite work by the public and the Friends of Kiasma.

Running man

Artist Nestori Syrjälä’s work Running Man began his race in June 2016 and ended in May 2017.

Syrjälä describes his piece: “Running Man is a dramatised image of contemporary humanity: a hurried and lost figure in a world beset by ecological, economic and political crises. The work consists of several runs, each lasting for one hour, conducted once a week for one year. The runners are actors and dancers. The choreography of the runs is derived from the physical manifestations of psychological reactions to crisis.”


Artist Harri Ahonen‘s work Watercolour is a pulsating light and sound installation in the museum’s outside pools drained for the winter. The work is planned for 2019.