Social Movement

09.05.2012 – 23.05.2012

A group of women moves in the wastelands between the private and the social, the personal and the political, paying particular attention to the soft spots where the boundaries of the self become porous and let things through.

Là-bas biennial

25.04.2012 – 28.04.2012

The title of this year’s international Là-bas biennial of performance art and new media is Concept of Performance.

On Ice (re-make 2012)

14.04.2012 – 18.04.2012

On Ice is Maija Hirvanen’s choreographic performance, built around an unhinged female protagonist. On stage, Anna-Maija Terävä is seen negotiating the slippery surfaces of identity wearing a cheerleader’s uniform.


24.03.2012 – 01.04.2012

NAPOLEON PINK HORSE works like a band. A dancer, actor, writer and musician form a quartet, where each artist’s area of expertise is approached as an instrument.

The Best of Tampere 2012

17.03.2012 – 17.03.2012

The Tampere Film Festival International Competition has been running since the festival’s debut in 1970. Now a Kiasma Theatre tradition, the Best of Tampere screening showcases a selection of the best entries from each year.

Infantile amnesia

10.03.2012 – 18.03.2012

Infantile amnesia is a performance about children, parenthood, ephemerality and guilt.

Eyeballing! The new forms of comics

09.03.2012 – 09.09.2012

Young comics artists search for new ways to present comics three-dimensionally. The works in the exhibition are characterised by a tension between everyday reality and a certain surrealism.

The Murder of Crows

17.02.2012 – 20.05.2012

The Murder of Crows by the Canadian artist couple offers pictures for the ears. Installed on the fifth floor in Kiasma, the work is a powerful sound experience produced with the aid of nearly a hundred loudspeakers.

Chekhov concept

09.02.2012 – 26.02.2012

What is the significance of Chekhov, post-dramatic theatre? What would conceptual Chekhov look like? The Chekhov concept explores the act of performing Chekhov today.

DocPoint 2012

24.01.2012 – 29.01.2012

In January, the 11th DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival will be screening a series of documentary films exploring good and bad design at Kiasma Theatre. The series forms part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme.

Thank You for the Music

20.01.2012 – 17.06.2012

The artists in the exhibition pay tribute to their teenage idols, parody the megastars of pop music in a spirit of humour, or give visual expression to their personal relationship to music.

The Beast – A Book in an Orange Tent

27.11.2011 – 18.12.2011

Sanna Kekäläinen´s latest production premieres at Kiasma Theatre. The beast – A Book in an Orange Tent is a work of exaggeration and catastrophe.

Opening of the Lens Politica festival

16.11.2011 – 16.11.2011

The opening screening of the Lens Politica festival. A festival of political film, media activism and contemporary art.

Exposition Universelle

05.11.2011 – 06.11.2011

Exposition Universelle is an insightful solo piece by Rachid Ouramdane in which he depicts the gap between ideologies and the individual.


01.11.2011 – 02.11.2011

A performance by the multi-talented French dance prodigy Noé Soulier. Noé Soulier composes disparate theoretical argumentations through the use of choreographic, musical or cinematic tools.

Moving in November screening: Thierry De Mey´s dance films

30.10.2011 – 30.10.2011

Moving in November presents three short dance films by composer and filmmaker Thierry De Mey.

Africa in Cinema Orion

22.10.2011 – 22.10.2011

The Africa series at Cinema Orion is a tribute to the masters of African film history and to the masterpieces of contemporary African cinema. Family Day on 22 October with ARS and the National Audiovisual Archive.

Voyageurs Immobiles

11.10.2011 – 15.10.2011

Compagnie Philippe Genty´s Voyageurs Immobiles is an enchanting fantasy that combines theatre, dance, circus acts and magic.

Autumn break for performance artists

10.10.2011 – 16.10.2011

/ offers a breather for performance artists, inviting them to take a holiday in Kiasma between 10 and 16 October.

Brett Bailey

06.10.2011 – 09.10.2011

Kiasma Theatre’s / Festival presents Brett Bailey’s live exhibition.

The Third Hand

23.09.2011 – 23.09.2011

ARS 11 artist Barthélémy Toguo’s short film The Third Hand.

ARS Kino Doc

11.09.2011 – 11.09.2011

“Africa through Finnish eyes – who has the right to tell about Africa?” – Seminar and film screening in cooperation with the Finnish Documentary Guild.

Episode 3: Enjoy Poverty

09.09.2011 – 09.09.2011

Poverty is valuable – at least a great many people profit by it. A film by Dutch artist Renzo Martens.

The Night of the Arts

26.08.2011 – 26.08.2011

On the Night of the Arts, Kiasma presents two video documentations of performances by the South African artist Steven Cohen. Also interviews and discussions with writers at Café Kiasma.

URB 11

29.07.2011 – 07.08.2011

With a wide selection of approaches to contemporary urban art, the URB festival returns to Kiasma and to the streets of Helsinki.

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HAFF 2011

12.05.2011 – 15.05.2011

The Helsinki African Film Festival offers new perspectives into the rich diversity of life in Africa.