DEMO / Jalostamo Collective: Rechnitz

07.02.2014 – 07.02.2014

The audience has an opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal that ends the first week of rehearsals of the production of Rechnitz by the Jalostamo collective. After the rehearsal, the audience can stay on to talk about the piece with the ensemble

LUX Helsinki 2014: International Light Art Symposium ”Invisible Light”

08.01.2014 – 08.01.2014

Speakers in the open international light art symposium will include light artists and researchers from Finland and abroad. During the event, the Seminar Room in Kiasma will have on show two experiments created with light.


22.11.2013 – 24.11.2013

The Pneuma mini festival in Kiasma Theatre consists of screenings, live music performances and discussions that complement the Mika Taanila and Erkki Kurenniemi exhibitions.

Vito Acconci & Vladislav Delay

16.11.2013 – 16.11.2013

The audience can follow the building and demounting of this audiovisual piece co-created by an American contemporary artist and a Finnish sound artist.

I Love Me – Actress with Down’s Syndrome

03.11.2013 – 03.11.2013

Andrea Pfalzgraf’s documentary follows Julia Häusermann’s two-year period of training as a practicing actress with Down’s Syndrome. The documentary is part of Moving in November festival programme.

Mika Taanila

01.11.2013 – 02.03.2014

Filmmaker and artist Mika Taanila examines in his art the utopias of yesterday and today.

An Introduction

01.11.2013 – 02.11.2013

In her lecture-performance, dancer-choreographer Olga de Soto examines Kurt Jooss’s legendary choreography, The Green Table.

Erkki Kurenniemi

01.11.2013 – 02.03.2014

The show presents work by Erkki Kurenniemi, a pioneer of Finnish electronic music, multimedia artist, experimental filmmaker and futurist.


14.10.2013 – 18.10.2013

Have you ever wondered what performance artists actually do for a living? Now is a perfect opportunity to seek answers behind the scenes.

Kiasma Hits

27.09.2013 – 07.09.2014

The collection exhibition presents gems from the Kiasma collection as well as all-time favourites of the art public.

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18.09.2013 – 06.10.2013

“This is about identity. Feminine, northern identity, or weird, multiple identity. Any kind of identity.”

Miet Warlop & CAMPO: Mystery Magnet

07.09.2013 – 07.09.2013

Mystery Magnet focuses on a panoramic space, a theatre stage on which is being unleashed a fantastical procession, a string of strong, free-standing images that together conjure up a singular world, using material transformations to propose a different mode of looking and experiencing.

Lost Lost Lost

22.08.2013 – 22.08.2013

Mekas’s film Lost Lost Lost consists of six film diaries shot by him in 1949–63.

Jonas Mekas

17.05.2013 – 29.09.2013

In his film diaries, Mekas has recorded everyday life and the art circles of New York from the 1960s to the present.

Marja Kanervo

17.05.2013 – 29.09.2013

A master of transitory art, Marja Kanervo will create in Kiasma works inducing powerful sensory experiences of space.


10.05.2013 – 10.05.2013

Helsinki-based defunensemble brings to Kiasma an eclectic range of recently composed electro-acoustic music.

Performanssi Portfolio 2013

27.04.2013 – 27.04.2013

Performance and its documentation are examined from several angles, from live performances to performances made for video.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

19.04.2013 – 01.09.2013

New works by the internationally acclaimed artist invite us to consider the boundaries of the experience of being human.

Alamaailman Vasarat

28.03.2013 – 28.03.2013

The band Alamaailman Vasarat (‘Hammers of the Underworld’) is known throughout the world for its unique music.


20.03.2013 – 17.04.2013

An old ghost in a new body talks about ideas of leadership, politics, gender and sisu. URHO is a fictitious character, a team.

The Best of Tampere

16.03.2013 – 16.03.2013

Already a tradition, the series of screenings presents award-winning shorts from the Tampere Film Festival.

Pilvi Porkola: No More Broken Hearts

06.03.2013 – 10.03.2013

Pilvi Porkola reads her own love letters written in the past 15 years. They are full of tentative attempts to approach, find out where things stand, or how to split up.

Life Like – a weekend of documentary films

22.02.2013 – 24.02.2013

Are films art? If a video uses documentary footage, is it then a documentary? What is the truth? Can it be captured by camera?


20.02.2013 – 03.03.2013

A performance based on a play mutilated by Google Translator.

Jouko Lehtola

08.02.2013 – 18.08.2013

Jouko Lehtola captured in his photographs the seamy side of Finnish society and the sensitivity of young people.