Prins of Networks

Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larrachea: Prins of Ne†works

28.04.2017 – 29.04.2017

Part of ARS17 programme

Twinning art production with the chemical process of decompose; Prins of Networks is a visual manifesto probing new ecologies that blends the digital and the analogue as one. It reconciles the human with the being by virtually subtracting the human of the equation, highlighting the being in the rest of it all.

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Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek

Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek / CAMPO: Schönheitsabend

06.04.2017 – 07.04.2017

Part of ARS17 programme

In Schönheitsabend, Holzinger and Riebeek appropriate early 20th century orientalism, which permeates this performance about power relations, gender roles, violence and sex with madness, ecstasy and explicit eroticism.

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Meeri Koutaniemi & Arman Alizad

07.10.2016 – 26.02.2017

After the Turmoil is an exhibition about survival. It is about people who have endured great suffering yet who refuse to play the role of the victim. Instead, they have become proactive change-makers in their community.

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Mona Hatoum

07.10.2016 – 26.02.2017

Mona Hatoum’s work presents us with a world characterized by conflict and contradictions. Her first solo exhibition in Finland gives an overview
of her work from the late-‘70s to the present.

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Musica Nova Helsinki: Helsinki Chamber Choir


The concert performed in various spaces of the unique architecture of the Kiasma building featured modern choral classics side by side with very recent works. The pieces incorporate spatial elements through various configurations of the singers.

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22.04.2016 – 29.01.2017

Art can touch us. It can stir feelings and memories. It can get under our skin and cut to the bone – but only if we let it. Not every reaction can be put into words. The exhibition presented works by 27 artists from Kiasma’s permanent collections.

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Toisissa tiloissa

Other Spaces live arts collective: Alien Art. Humanoid Hypothesis 2

22.04.-04.05.2016 & 20.01.-22.01.2017

The performance examines human action from the perspective of a higher extraterrestrial intelligence, while also regarding ourselves as space aliens. We will gather to imagine and experiment on what art might be when human evolution has progressed to the point where art as we know it has ceased to be necessary.

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Noora Dadu

Noora Dadu: FAIL

17.11.2016 – 10.12.2016 &  11.01. 2017 & 13.01.2017

It is all about failure. No one who has achieved illumination has even been able to share their experience. No words ever truly hit their mark. The only truth is in being wrong and misunderstood. Fail is a confession and a tribute to failure.

FAIL is Dadu’s independent second part to her previous performance My Palestine.

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Liikkeellä marraskuussa -nykytanssifestivaali

Omar Rajeh (LB) & MaHa (IR): Zaafaran

28.10.2016 – 29.10.2016

Part of Moving in november festival

Beirut-based choreographer Omar Rajeh was invited to Tehran to choreograph a piece Zaafaran for MaHa, a local dance company.

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/ 2016

18.10.2016 – 21.10.2016

This year’s edition was intertwined in seeing stage, mind and body from a contemporary psychoanalytic point of view. Sarah Vanhee (BE) performed her piece Turning, Turning.

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Elina Pirinen, Heidi Väätänen

Elina Pirinen & Heidi Väätänen: Concerto under Waterlilies

30.09.2016 – 16.10.2016

Concerto under Waterlilies is an on-stage autopsy of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto no. 2, its inspiration arising from profound and beautiful investigation and understanding of the human condition.

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Channel Surfers

Pixelache Festival: Interfaces for Empathy

22.09.2016 – 25.09.2016

Kiasma hosted two participatory works exploring embodied perception and experimental interaction: Channel Surfers ja Tazebao Hybrid Ecosystem.

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Choi Jeong Hwa

22.04.2016 – 18.09.2016

South Korean Choi jeong Hwa builds his large installations by combining local and Korean, new and old, unique and mass-produced elements, blending Korean pictorial tradition with global consumer culture.

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Ernesto Neto

04.03.2016 – 04.09.2016

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto is one of the brightest names in the international contemporary art scene. In recent years, he has found strong resonance for his art from his collaboration with the Huni Kuin, an indigenous people in the Amazon.

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Jani Ruscica

04.03.2016 – 04.09.2016

The exhibition by the Finnish visual artist Jani Ruscica (b. 1978) consists of parts of his recent multimedia work-in-process titled Conversation in Pieces (2016).

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Urbaanin taiteen ja kulttuurin festivaali

URB 16

03.08.2016 – 12.08.2016

The URB 16 program is a multi-artistic and thematically rich set of dance, theatre, visual arts, cinema and other forms of artistic expression that are more difficult to categorize. The mission of the festival is to bring out and support artists of the younger generation, create local and international collaboration as well as to develop dialogue with mainly young audience.

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Anna Estarriola

Anna Estarriola: Ventriloquized


Borrowing the esthetics of a ventriloquist show, Anna Estarriola and a representation of her, together perform an existential duet that speculates about perception and the side effects of being under pressure.

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Sonja Jokiniemi

Sonja Jokiniemi: RRRRR

18.05.2016 – 21.05.2016

Performance artist Sonja Jokiniemi’s piece RRRRR investigates hallucinatory and illusory structures as choreographic starting points.

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Irma Luhta

Là-bas→ Abyss: Splinters in the Depths

13.05. & 15.05.2016

The live performances, videos and discussions of the performance art festival Là-bas→ Abyss examine the abyss left behind after the disappearance of Man, being in the abyss and leaving the abyss behind.

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Mika Taanila: Tectonic Plate (‘Mannerlaatta’, 2016)

31.03.2016 – 02.04.2016

Mika Taanila’s The Tectonic Plate (”Mannerlaatta”, 2016) is a feature-length Lettrist film, made entirely without a camera, about fear of flying, security checks and time zones.

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Seeking Company for the Marshal

29.01.2016 – 27.03.2016

Together with Kiasma, the Finnish State Art Commission organised a competition for a new work of art to be installed near Kiasma. This exhibition showcases the finalists of the competition.

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DEMONSTRATING MINDS: Disagreements in Contemporary Art

09.10.2015 – 20.03.2016

The exhibition presented through works by 19 international artists personal statements about the relationships between art and society.

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Anu Pennanen & Stephane Querrec: Staande! Debout! (2013)


When the Renault car manufacturer suddenly threatened to close down its assembly plant and lay off some 3,100 employees, a strike was launched that led to support strikes all over Europe and paralysed Belgium for weeks. A fiction film based on real events.

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Joonas Lahtinen

Joonas Lahtinen & co: I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR!

11.03.2016 – 13.03.2016

This bitterly humorous monologue by the ageing performance artist Harald Jokesch examines the position of art and artists in the maelstrom of the ‘creative economy’. Designed by Joonas Lahtinen, the work blends live audio with performance and spatial installation, challenging us to consider what the ‘creative economy’ means to artists who do not want to operate as entrepreneurs.

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Valentina Karga

Skills of Economy Session – Beginning From the End


Curated by Jussi Koitela, Skills of Economy Session – Beginning From the End is an event that seeks to understand resource depletion, death and the hybrid forms of culture, nature and technology as a foundation for new economic and social agencies as well as artistic work.

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Jalostamo Collective / Elfriede Jelinek: Rechnitz (The Exterminating Angel)

15.01.2016 – 12.02.2016

Rechnitz (Tuhon enkeli) (in English, “The Exterminating Angel”) is based on an exceptional contemporary play by Nobel Prize-winning writer Elfriede Jelinek. The play is an essayistic, exhausting account of the murder of some 200 Hungarian Jews in Rechnitz Castle in 1945.

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