Concert in the Dark / Norman Orro: Music For Your Plants


Music For Your Plants is an ongoing audiovisual project by Estonian artist Norman Orro. Active since 2010, the project has manifested in concept albums, installations, visual essays and collaborations with international artists.

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Janina Rajakangas Project: Canary

13.10.2018 – 20.10.2018

A Finnish choreographer Janina Rajakangas studied hypersensivity in her piece Canary. The performance was performed in Kiasma’s 2nd floor balcony as a double bill with Liisa Pentti +Co The Space -performance.

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Liisa Pentti +Co: The Space

13.10.2018 – 20.10.2018

The Space, made for six dancers and two live musicians, is a performance about emptiness, space and outer space, absence and presence. It is about the connection between seeing and understanding the meaning.

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Jānis Balodis / Dirty Deal Teatro: National Development Plan


A solo performance by young Latvian theatre maker was based on the real national development plan made in Latvia.

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Egle Budvytyte

Eglė Budvytytė: Orcas and Volcanos


Lithuanian born contemporary artist Eglė Budvytytė filled Kiasma Theatre’s stage with ecofeministic cantations in her solo performance Orcas and Volcanos – Incantation Karaoke.

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Nathaniel Mellors & Erkka Nissinen

16.03.2018 – 09.09.2018

The Aalto Natives showcased artist duo Erkka Nissinen and Nathaniel Mellors who represented Finland at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

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Grayson Perry

13.04.2018 – 02.09.2018

English artist Grayson Perry observes the world through touching stories, the reappraisal of gender roles and absurd humour.

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Pilvi Takala

24.08.2018 – 17.02.2019

The unwritten rules of communities are a recurring theme in the art of Takala.

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Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe

09.02.2018 – 29.07.2018

In his pictures, Mamyshev-Monroe often assumes the role of some great and tragic historical figure.

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Maija Luutonen

09.02.2018 – 29.07.2018
Kiasma Commission by Kordelin

Helsinki-based artist Maija Luutonen works primarily with painting by exploring and expanding its boundaries and potential.

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Urbaanin taiteen ja kulttuurin festivaali

URB 18

07.06.2018 – 14.06.2018

The 19th edition of URB festival presents i.a. a 10-hour solo concert by a drummer Tatu Rönkkö, street dance rooted dance groups Sensum and NOD,  performance SMS – Soft Message Service by a director Joel Neves which explores the cultures of digital and physical communication, an event about climate change Huomattavaa häiriötä ilmastonmuutoksesta.

The festival was shifted from August to June.

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Olavi Louhivuori

Concert in the dark: Olavi Louhivuori


A Finnish musician Olavi Louhivuori created a concert in the dark.

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Caprices III

Henri Hütt & Mihkel Ilus: Caprices III

06.04.2018 – 07.04.2018

performance_now programme

A performative installation by young Estonian artists is dominated by the frontal collision of black and white magic. The performance is inspired by Kiasma Theatre’s space.

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Korakrit Arunanondchai

29.09.2017 – 18.03.2018

The past and the future, nature and technology, Eastern spiritual traditions and current global issues – all these co-exist in Korakrit Arunanondchai’s art.

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Maria Metsalu: Mademoiselle X

UUE – Estonian Contemporary (performance) Art Festival

21.02.2018 – 25.02.2018

UUE-festival celebrates Estonia’s 100th anniversary by presenting the new artistic generation featuring Flo Kasearu, Iggy Lond Malborg, Maria Metsalu, Kristina Norman ja  SU—MU.

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Ars Fennica

13.10.2017 – 18.02.2018

Kiasma presented a joint exhibition by the five candidates for the 2017 Ars Fennica, the most prestigious art award in Finland. The candidates were Maija Blåfield, artist couple Pekka and Teija Isorättyä, Perttu Saksa, Kari Vehosalo, and Camilla Vuorenmaa.

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31.03.2017 – 14.01.2018

ARS17 – Hello World! was a major exhibition of international contemporary art on the theme of digital revolution. The exhibition offered a fresh approach to contemporary art by also expanding the viewing experience into the online realm.

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There and Back Again

09.02.2018 – 24.03.2019

The collection exhibition will update ideas of contemporary art in the Baltic region.

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06.12.2017 – 13.12.2017

Part of ARS17 programme

PET is a long lasting performance that embraces the darkness and blurs the sense of time.

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Jefta van Dinther

Jefta van Dinther: Dark Field Analysis

03.11.2017 – 05.11.2017

Part of ARS17 programme and Moving in November festival

Dark Field Analysis calls upon the intensity of being alive by placing us humans in relation to other forms of life. In the performance, organic blends with synthetic, human with animal and material with ethereal.

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Mikko Joensuu

Mikko Joensuu’s visual concert

14.10.2017 – 15.10.2017

Part of performance_now programme

A concert with visual elements, a collaboration with musician Mikko Joensuu and visualist Joonas Tikkanen.

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Maximilian Latva, Katri Kainulainen

Performance art in the spirit of Kalervo Palsa

06.10.2017 – 07.10.2017

Performance artists Maximilian Latva and Katri Kainulainen celebrated the legendary Finnish painter Kalervo Palsa by animating his paintings in collaboration with artist Arttu Kurttila and photographer Antti Ahonen.

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Korakrit Arunanondchai, boychild

With history in a room filled with people with funny names 4


Korakrit Arunanondchai dives into his exhibition together with performance artist boychild, artist Alex Gvojic and lighting designer Michael Potvin.

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Amor fati

Anna-Mari Karvonen & Anni Puolakka: Amor Fati

09.09.2017 – 17.09.2017

Part of ARS17 programme

A certain earthly material enchants our protagonist Brad, who has drifted into a life crisis and a type of raw condition.

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Urbaanin taiteen ja kulttuurin festivaali

URB 17: Playing with Reality

02.08.2017 – 10.08.2017

The title of this edition of URB festival, Playing with Reality, refers to the critical and playful way art posits itself in relation to the world we are living in. It is constantly questioning the way it is organized and proposing new ways to perceive and sense it. In this context it has to do with the critical inspection and constructive upsetting of its commonly and often unconsciously held narratives and ideas of identity.

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Otso Huopaniemi: Koneen mieli

Otso Huopaniemi: Mind Machine

19.05.2017 – 21.05.2017

Part of ARS17 programme

A multidisciplinary performance by Otso Huopaniemi and Pilvari Pirtola, words uttered in response to unspeakable videos are again translated into video and back in a seemingly endless intersemiotic loop.

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