Miika Nyyssönen: Cavepainters Cave

11.01.2008 – 20.04.2008

The plain cubic and grey exterior of the installation by Miika Nyyssönen (b. 1965) hides inside the opposite element: a colourful “cave” in rich shapes and forms. The Cavepainters Cave is a part of Kiasma Collections.

Image and After

11.01.2008 – 01.03.2009

The Image and After exhibition is about internal movements of art, which travel back and forth in the history of contemporary art and its living practices.

The Raw, The Cooked and The Packaged

30.11.2007 – 06.01.2008

This multi-part exhibition introduces to the viewer works of art, archives and historical accumulations from the Perestroika period – in different stages of their genealogy and association.

Carnegie Art Award

26.10.2007 – 06.01.2008

Carnegie Art Award was founded in 1998 to promote Nordic contemporary art and artists. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes awards to four of the participating artists, an exhibition book and a film presenting the artists.

When the Heaven Falls… remake

12.10.2007 – 06.01.2008

The work of Maija Blåfield and Anu Suhonen is an experimental re-interpretation of Finnish film maker Risto Jarva’s 1972 satirical melodrama about scandal press and the use of power in the media.