Slavoj Žižek

01.12.2009 – 01.12.2009

Movies and a lecture. Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian philosopher who brings ideology and juxtaposition back into political discussion.

Pilvi Takala: The Trainee

18.11.2009 – 17.01.2010

The work of Pilvi Takala is based on a month long stay at the premises of Kiasma’s corporate partner, Deloitte. During the intervention an initially normal-seeming marketing trainee starts to apply peculiar working methods.

Oblivia: Entertainment Island 2

18.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

Multi-disciplined and international performing art group Oblivia’s three year project looks at popular culture and entertainment from various angles: a performance trilogy, a short film, a photography exhibition, a book, workshops, discussions and seminars.

Lens Politica Opening

11.11.2009 – 11.11.2009

Lens Politica offers a stage for film, art, and most importantly, discussion.

Antonia Baehr: LAUGH

07.11.2009 – 08.11.2009

“I like to lau gh. I laugh often. I am often seen laughing.” says Antonia Baehr. Laugh is a piece about laughing as laughing. Part of Moving in November festival.

Ivo Dimchev: Lili Handel

04.11.2009 – 05.11.2009

Lili Handel by Ivo Dimchev is a last cry of a grand diva of variety. A talk-show from the end of the world, complete with broken down show numbers, a tour de force of a performance which crosses borders becoming a buto performance, a striking falsetto concert or live art practice. Part of Moving in November festival.

Ars Fennica 2009

09.10.2009 – 10.01.2010

Five Finnish artists have been nominated for the Ars Fennica award in 2009. The winner will be picked by Vicente Todoli, the director of Tate Modern. The winner will be announced on 19 November 2009. Viewers of the exhibition at Kiasma also have the chance to vote for their favourite artist.


23.09.2009 – 30.09.2009

SELLAINEN KUIN is an independent sequel to the Pimeä project witch was seen at / in 2006

Demo Wednesdays

02.09.2009 – 02.12.2009

Kiasma Theatre ‘s Demo Wednesdays feature artist lectures. The ideologies of creating art and the ideas behind different art forms are explored. Practical examples are included. All Demo Lectures start at 18.00.

Virva Talonen

26.08.2009 – 30.08.2009

Special Cases investigates normality and the boundaries between peculiarity and usualness. Comission of the Helsinki Festival.

Helsinki Poetics Conference

23.08.2009 – 23.08.2009

For the fifth time running, the Helsinki Poetics Conference brings together poetry amateurs: researchers, writers and readers.

The Night of the Arts at Kiasma

21.08.2009 – 21.08.2009

The programme includes Mitä Videoo!, The Best Tricks skateboarding event and DJ Kanankuristaja.

Murha-kollektiivi / Laineen Kasperi / (FIN)

07.08.2009 – 08.08.2009

Hip hop performances & beats.


06.08.2009 – 06.08.2009

Skateboard videos, Badass Crew.

Renegade Theater: Extended Teenage Era (DE)

05.08.2009 – 06.08.2009

Performance about youth.


04.08.2009 – 04.08.2009

Clothes, causes and music

Fanny Goes to Hollywood

03.08.2009 – 03.08.2009

URB 10 years!

World/Inferno Friendship Society “Addicted to Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre’s Twentieth Century” (USA)

02.08.2009 – 03.08.2009

Multimedia post-punk concert. 

Examined Life

02.08.2009 – 02.08.2009

Philosophers on the street!

Slingshot Hip Hop

01.08.2009 – 01.08.2009

Sundance-nominee from Palestine.

Beautiful Losers

01.08.2009 – 01.08.2009

Document about Beautiful Losers collective from N.Y.


01.08.2009 – 01.08.2009

Alkovi gallery screening’s after party.


31.07.2009 – 31.07.2009

THE MICROKORGS play on mini synthetisators.

Response (FIN) / Oh no! (SER)

30.07.2009 – 31.07.2009

New breakdance.

30sk8 Exhibition

30.07.2009 – 31.08.2009

30 years of Finnish skateboarding.

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