Kiasma-lehti | Kiasma Magazine
Kiasma-lehti 33 | Kiasma Magazine 33
No 33 Vol 9
Introducing this year’s Ars Fennica candidates Kiasma is the dynamo of the future Creativity Lab creates new museum practices URB on Tour: Murals and graffiti Three insights into contemporary Asian art Julia Cima leads on a tour of history of dance
Kiasma-lehti 32 | Kiasma Magazine 32
No 32 Vol 9
Taking Risks to Build Collections Take good care of art Sense the landscape Collections in bits and pixels Series of reading experiences in Kiasma’s collections Glimpses of the Paja Workshop Magicians can talk without speaking ARS 06 touched us all Do it Yourself, Do it Together
Kiasma-lehti 31 | Kiasma Magazine 31
No 31 Vol 9
Co-operation Enlivens an Institution A Sea of Symbols on the Façade Art and Change Montri Toemsombat: Artists Have a Responsibility Wax de Dior on Kiasma’s Floor Creepy Crawlies! This is Cute! Human Factor Your Place and Mine Charlotte Engelkes: I Believe in Being Honest on Stage
Kiasma-lehti 30 | Kiasma Magazine 30
No 30 Vol 9
ARS 06 – Sense of the Real Looking for Paradise – a Wonderful Adventure Images of a Flawed World The only Certainty Is Uncertainty The Premiere of the Helsinki Complaints Choir Once upon a Time there Was a Woman Death Meets the Absoluteness of Youth Art to Measure Exclusive Animals in the Gym