Kiasma-lehti | Kiasma Magazine
Kiasma-lehti 28-29 | Kiasma Magazine 28-29
No 28-29 Vol 8
Baby steps to ARS ARS artists appeared in Venice Playing with serious matters Solo for 4 Kiasma School on Wheels Who was Kolja? Inside look at youth and being human
Kiasma-lehti 27 | Kiasma Magazine 27
No 27 Vol 8
URB05. Storm, The first generation of European breakdance TheatreNOW! ARS O6. Spaces loaded with emotions Banal and perhaps a bit boring – or is it? Contemporary art meets a new challenge Point of view - Unforced creativity Joy of life from ITE Art
Kiasma-lehti 26 | Kiasma Magazine 26
No 26 Vol 8
School on Wheels goes abroad The Boundaries of Art Who deserves punishment? Aarne and Arja Art is part of humanity at ARS 06 Plan B On Empty and Filled Landscapes