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Kiasma-lehti 25 | Kiasma Magazine 25
No 25 Vol 7
School on the Move Textbook Works by Heli Rekula in Kiasma Waiting for a dance "Conflicting emotions, and why not" Dias & Riedweg
Kiasma-lehti 24 | Kiasma Magazine 24
No 24 Vol 7
The Firends of Kiasma in Tallinn Art and energy Dolls in the between the media and the reality Tellervo Kalleinen In The Picture A Cabaret from Spain Wireless experiences
Kiasma-lehti 23 | Kiasma Magazine 23
No 23 Vol 7
Five years of urban arts Who-what-artist? School on the move??? Charming, Infuriating or Irritating
Kiasma-lehti 22 | Kiasma Magazine 22
No 22 Vol 7
School on the Move was here Julius Elo: Interview with Myself On the Fringes of Theatre The Voice of the People Serious art from Latvia? Realistic generation Mr X or the artist of the people? Skateboarding in summer, art in winter The Rosy Past Museum as a friend Time to Change History