About Kiasma

Kiasma is a home of contemporary art where everyone is welcome. One of the leading museums of contemporary art in the Nordic region, Kiasma delights and provokes, impresses, surprises and entertains.

The mission of Kiasma is to publicise and collect art of our time. It seeks to make contemporary art accessible to as large an audience as possible and thereby to offer people new experiences and new perspectives on life. Kiasma is the perfect place to enjoy and experience art.

What does Kiasma mean?

Kiasma is Finnish for chiasma, a term that describes the crossing of nerves or tendons or the intertwining of two chromatids, the thread-like strands of a chromosome. The name is a fitting symbol for a museum of contemporary art: Kiasma is a place of encounters. It is an arena for the exchange of opinions and the redefinition of art and culture.

Part of the Finnish National Gallery

The Finnish National Gallery comprises three museum units: the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Ateneum Art Museum and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum. The National Gallery is responsible for the State Art Collection.

Finnish National Gallery