Autumn break for performance artists

10.10.2011 – 16.10.2011

/ offers a breather for performance artists, inviting them to take a holiday in Kiasma between 10 and 16 October.

Brett Bailey

06.10.2011 – 09.10.2011

Kiasma Theatre’s / Festival presents Brett Bailey’s live exhibition.

The Third Hand

23.09.2011 – 23.09.2011

ARS 11 artist Barthélémy Toguo’s short film The Third Hand.

ARS Kino Doc

11.09.2011 – 11.09.2011

“Africa through Finnish eyes – who has the right to tell about Africa?” – Seminar and film screening in cooperation with the Finnish Documentary Guild.

Episode 3: Enjoy Poverty

09.09.2011 – 09.09.2011

Poverty is valuable – at least a great many people profit by it. A film by Dutch artist Renzo Martens.

The Night of the Arts

26.08.2011 – 26.08.2011

On the Night of the Arts, Kiasma presents two video documentations of performances by the South African artist Steven Cohen. Also interviews and discussions with writers at Café Kiasma.

URB 11

29.07.2011 – 07.08.2011

With a wide selection of approaches to contemporary urban art, the URB festival returns to Kiasma and to the streets of Helsinki.

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HAFF 2011

12.05.2011 – 15.05.2011

The Helsinki African Film Festival offers new perspectives into the rich diversity of life in Africa.


05.05.2011 – 06.05.2011

Correspondances presents two strong, independent women who are also incredible dancers. The piece is about the roles of the contemporary global woman and the strengthening of her position, and also about friendship.

Coconut Disco – African Voices

17.04.2011 – 19.04.2011

How does Africa sound like? Coconut Disco sound performance will be played live on Kiasma Theatre stage and broadcast live on the Yle Radio 1.

ARS 11

15.04.2011 – 27.11.2011

ARS 11 is a major international art event filling Kiasma with artworks, performances, screenings, discussions and workshops. The premise of the ARS 11 exhibition is Africa in contemporary art. The themes are global, issues that affect us all.

Artificial Paradise

16.03.2011 – 20.03.2011

Artificial Paradise is a performance installation based on spaces and situations constructed through sound.

Vaihe 01: Florian Hecker & Tommi Keränen

25.02.2011 – 25.02.2011

The Vaihe 01 concert will feature works by the sound artists Florian Hecker and Tommi Keränen.

Golem Variations

06.02.2011 – 20.02.2011

Golem Variations is a performance about creation: its matter, technique and the experience of being created.


28.01.2011 – 13.03.2011

The Tidelines exhibition is an interdisciplinary work that moves in both space and time and combines music with pictures and text.

Saara Ekström

14.01.2011 – 13.03.2011

Saara Ekström (b. 1965) creates innovative combinations using different techniques in her videos, photographs and installations. She is interested in natural and artificial materials that embody strong symbolic values.

The Birth of the Green Movement – An allegory of a project

12.12.2010 – 12.12.2010

The Birth of the Green Movement is the artistic conclusion of the three-year interdisciplinary Actor’s Art in Modern Times research project of the Theatre Academy Performance Arts Research Centre. It showcases the actor pedagogy developed during the project.

Oblivia: Entertainment Island 1-7

17.11.2010 – 04.12.2010

Entertainment Island scrutinises the manifold world of entertainment and popular culture through a performance trilogy, seminars, short films, photography and books.

Charm of Sound

08.11.2010 – 14.11.2010

Kiasma participates in the first Charm of Sound Festival this year. The festival, which focuses on the sound-based art scene, is organised by the Charm of Sound Association.

Demo Wednesdays

03.11.2010 – 03.11.2010

Screening III. This autumn’s Demo Wednesdays will feature video screenings. These free screenings are part of the programme provided during Kiasma’s free evenings.

Movement in November / Logobi 01 & Logobi 05

30.10.2010 – 07.11.2010

The German theatre director Monika Gintersdorfer and visual artist Knut Klassen have created a Logobi dance series where two actors or dancers – one European, the other African – interact insightfully with movements and dialogue through the modern phenomena of their respective dance cultures.

Kari Cavén

29.10.2010 – 06.02.2011

Kari Cavén’s way of depicting the world and being is unique and personal.

Pavlova Experiment

20.10.2010 – 03.11.2010

Pavlova Experiment is not only a performance but, as the name suggests, also an experiment. It is a sensory test field built among three performers and the audience where perception, dialogue and corporeal feeling are the key research equipment.

Ars Fennica 2010

08.10.2010 – 12.12.2010

The Ars Fennica art award is presented annually to one artist in recognition of distinctive creative output of exceptional merit. The candidates for the 2010 award are the painter Markus Konttinen, the sculptor Anne Koskinen, the photographic artist Jorma Puranen and the visual artists Jaakko Niemelä and Charles Sandison.

/ Festival

06.10.2010 – 17.10.2010

The / Festival, organised by Kiasma Theatre, provides a new vision or perspective into performing arts every year.

Demo Wednesdays

06.10.2010 – 06.10.2010

Screening II / 99YEARS OF MY LIFE, Complaint Choirs. This autumn’s Demo Wednesdays will feature video screenings. These free screenings are part of the programme provided during Kiasma’s free evenings.