Edge of Europe

21.03.2009 – 21.03.2009

Edge of Europe, a project in the areas of performance and writing, will organize Ylva Gislén’s presentation “A Disturbing Practice”, an open writing circle and an artists’ laboratory this spring.

The Best of Tampere

14.03.2009 – 14.03.2009

A Kiasma Theatre tradition, the Best of Tampere screening collects together awarded international and Finnish short films from the Tampere Film Festival. Subtitles in English.

Secret Re-Programmin Camp, Recruiting Event

28.02.2009 – 01.03.2009

Welcome to be transformed! In Alternate Spaces -group (Hunger Theatre) has practiced together since 2004, in search of an experiential connection to alternative forms of being. 

Ola Kolehmainen: A Building Is Not A Building

26.02.2009 – 26.04.2009

Architecture is the subject matter of Berlin-based photographer Ola Kolehmainen’s art. Instead of merely documenting it, he crops and brings forth interesting and surprising details. The name of the exhibition implies that in Kolehmainen’s photographs a building is not primarily a building but a fabric of colour, light, shapes, surfaces and depth, repetition and composition, an expedition to the image.

Sanna Kekäläinen: Onni-Bonheur-Happiness

22.02.2009 – 15.03.2009

Luck has to be somewhere. 26.2. post-performance discussion.

Marita Liulia: Choosing My Religion

13.02.2009 – 19.04.2009

Marita Liulia’s most recent multimedia project views the major religions of the world from multiple perspectives, particularly the female one. Liulia’s work juxtaposes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto. The exhibition is a visual and experiential whole comprising photographs, paintings, objects and media works.

Musica nova

07.02.2009 – 08.02.2009

Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking. New York is Now is the theme of this year’s Musica nova.

Demo Wednesdays

04.02.2009 – 06.05.2009

Demo Wednesdays are events of unfinished ideas, works in-progress and rehearsals.
On the first Wednesday of each month between February-May. Kiasma, 1st floor.


21.01.2009 – 25.01.2009

The eight DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival is larger than ever. Kiasma Theatre and Seminar Room.

Loop: Marja Kanervo

16.01.2009 – 01.03.2009

Marja Kanervo’s works, which strongly appeal to a sense of presence and space, are frequently open events in their nature. The viewer is continuously able to perceive parts of a whole or the installation’s form at a certain moment. The video projection documenting the creation process, Untitled, 2007 offers a new, more comprehensive perspective into Kanervo’s art.

Kiasma in Kallio

05.12.2008 – 06.01.2009

Kasitonni’s Christmas at Gallery Alkovi.

Loop of the Month: Tangential Documentaries

05.12.2008 – 11.01.2009

Jenny Yurshansky and Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen. Curator’s choice.

Nälkäteatteri / In Alternate Spaces group

03.12.2008 – 10.12.2008

In Alternate Spaces group of Nälkäteatteri presents an interactive perfomance about Odradek.

Japanese animations

28.11.2008 – 28.11.2008

Kiasma Theatre screens modern Japanese animation films.

Avanto 2008: Ken Jacobs (USA)

21.11.2008 – 23.11.2008

Kiasma Theatre screens Ken Jacobs’ movies as a part of Avanto Festival.

Lens Politica – festival of film and media art

19.11.2008 – 19.11.2008

Lens Politica is a festival of  social and political documentaries, contemporary art and media activism. The opening of Lens Politica Festival is held at Kiasma Theatre.

Heli Meklin ja Michael Laub (FIN/BE): Bruce and more

08.11.2008 – 09.11.2008

Bruce and more is partly based on Meklin’s previous work, Portrait Series Berlin: Professional and non-professional dancers. Bruce and more continues exploring identity construction and pretence utilizing Meklin’s personal life and experiences. Part of Moving in November festival.

Ayelen Parolin: Troupeau/Rebaño (ARG/BE)

05.11.2008 – 06.11.2008

In Troupeau/Rebaño, Parolin sinks her teeth in instincts and explores the wavering boundary between human beings and animals. The groups work covers the most instinctive behaviour of humans: lust and violence. Part of the Moving in November festival.


01.11.2008 – 02.11.2008

A funny, intelligent and topical performance of the shifting centre of Europe. Part of Moving in November festival.

Drawn in the Clouds

01.11.2008 – 01.02.2009

Drawn in the Clouds features artwork that focuses on reaching out from the ground to the skies. The contributors include a total of 12 artists from Korea, Japan and China, among them, Yoko Ono, Do Ho Suh and Li Wei.

Kim Levin: Notes and Itineraries 1975-2004

17.10.2008 – 01.02.2009

The notes of Kim Levin, an art critic from New York.


17.10.2008 – 18.01.2009

The exhibition examines minimalism and the modern art trends it inspired. From the late 1960s to today, the exhibition follows the paths that branched out from minimalism. The exhibition includes significant, heavily material works by such major figures of minimalism as Donald Judd, Robert Morris and Richard Stella.

reMAKE 5: Aurora Reinhard

10.10.2008 – 11.01.2009

The work Julio & Lupitá, 2004 by Aurora Reinhard ends the reMAKE-series. Reinhard’s video work reveals how stories and scenes move from one art form to another.


01.10.2008 – 12.10.2008

Contemporary theatre event /theatre.now takes place for the fourth time. Programme includes premieres, international guest performances, demos, re-premieres, talks and writings.

Ville Walo & Kalle Hakkarainen / WHS

11.09.2008 – 19.10.2008

Puun syy – Wood Fibre – Tree’s Fault. The performance investigates man’s relationship to paper as building material, natural resource and almost invisible everyday commodity.

Matti Kalkamo

09.09.2008 – 19.10.2008

The Seeds of a Bitter Heart, 2008
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